AEW Dynamite May Reveal SANADA's 2023 Forbidden Door Match

Champion SANADA may shape the AEW x NJPW event landscape.

by Noman Rasool
AEW Dynamite May Reveal SANADA's 2023 Forbidden Door Match

Anticipation is growing as we inch closer to the second installment of the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event. This epic wrestling showdown is scheduled in Toronto, Canada, in just a few weeks. Despite the palpable excitement, the fight card is surprisingly sparse, with only two matches officially confirmed.

Fans eagerly await Kazuchika Okada's encounter with Bryan Danielson and the riveting defense of the IWGP United States Title by Kenny Omega against the formidable Will Ospreay. Yet, the silent echoes of the card have the wrestling world abuzz.

Those echoes may include the presence of none other than the reigning IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, SANADA. As the event grows nearer, it's almost certain more matches will be added to the program, and SANADA's participation in one of them seems increasingly probable.

This revelation emerged in the most recent "Wrestling Observer Radio installment." Amidst the spirited cross-promotion, 'All Together Again,' NJPW's commentary team dropped enticing hints about SANADA's potential appearance on "AEW Dynamite" this Wednesday.

According to Chris Charlton, SANADA has some ideas related to Forbidden Door that could be revealed in the upcoming AEW broadcast through a video segment or even a live appearance.

SANADA's Rising Star Potential

SANADA, the leader of the Just Five Guys stable, had a significant breakthrough in his NJPW journey this past April.

After years of navigating the mid-card, he tasted victory by defeating Kazuchika Okada and securing the IWGP World Heavyweight Title at the Sakura Genesis. This win opens the doors to intriguing possibilities, like top AEW stars vying to challenge SANADA for his newly won title.

Or, even more enticing, a champion vs. champion clash with MJF could be on the horizon. Despite the swirling speculations and unanswered questions, one fact stands unchallenged: the forthcoming AEW Dynamite broadcast is an absolute must-watch for wrestling aficionados.

The intriguing mystery shrouding IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA's potential role in the Forbidden Door event continues to deepen, creating a captivating narrative that's impossible to ignore.

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