AEW Talent Claps Back at Baron Corbin Similarity Claims

AEW star, Ethan Page, responds with grace to fan's critique.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Talent Claps Back at Baron Corbin Similarity Claims

AEW's standout star, 'All Ego' Ethan Page, recently responded to a fan comparing his career trajectory to WWE's Baron Corbin's, offering a counterpoint reflecting a sense of humor and a distinct self-awareness. The fan's assertion, made via Twitter, suggested that Page's career in AEW followed a similar path to that of Corbin's in WWE - a downward trend in positioning on the roster.

They even recommended that Page consider parting ways with AEW, mirroring Corbin's trajectory in the WWE.

Page Embraces Unexpected Comparison

Yet, the Canadian wrestler, known for his charismatic and flamboyant in-ring persona, responded differently than expected.

Instead of viewing the comparison to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale victor as a slight, he seemingly embraced it. This unexpected reaction might be an acknowledgment of Corbin's accomplished career outside the squared circle and his portrayal of the character 'Happy Corbin,' which added a new layer to his wrestling persona.

Adding another twist to the tale, Danhausen, another prominent figure in the wrestling industry, jumped into the conversation. He cheekily referenced Corbin's recent foray into cooking, including his entertaining TikTok spat with a renowned chef.

Ever the sportsman, Page responded to Danhausen's jab in good spirit, proving that he's game for a little online banter. As of 2023, Page has primarily been involved in a compelling feud with veteran wrestler Matt Hardy. However, with AEW's imminent launch of a new brand, 'Collision,' Page is in a prime position to leverage this transitional phase.

The new platform could allow him to recalibrate his work on the roster and stand out more prominently. AEW's decision to expand beyond a single weekly show presents an opportunity to refresh storylines and allow talents like Page to shine brighter.

While the comparison to Corbin sparked an interesting dialogue, it's clear that 'All Ego' Ethan Page is focused on his path, ready to carve out his unique legacy in professional wrestling.

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