NJPW Superstar Calls Out AEW's Financial Practices, Declares Personal Feud

Tensions rise as CM Punk and KENTA's match plans surface.

by Noman Rasool
NJPW Superstar Calls Out AEW's Financial Practices, Declares Personal Feud

NJPW superstar KENTA has vigorously responded to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following a recent report indicating that CM Punk may not be enthusiastic about working with him at the upcoming Forbidden Door event. The tension between Punk and KENTA has been brewing for quite some time, stemming from Punk's adoption and popularization of KENTA's finishing move during his tenure in WWE.

Unfortunately, this adoption prevented KENTA, known as Hideo Itami during his WWE run, from showcasing the activity he created. A recent announcement by AEW President Tony Khan revealed that Punk would be returning to the company and featuring in the highly anticipated debut of their Collision program.

With the dust seemingly settled after the memorable events of All Out, fans have been eagerly anticipating whether Punk will participate in the cross-promotional Forbidden Door event scheduled for June 25th. The narrative between these two masters of the Go 2 Sleep move practically writes itself, and fans are eager to witness a potential showdown inside the squared circle.

Punk-KENTA Match Plans Revealed

According to information from Fightful Select, plans are in place for a match between Punk and KENTA at the Forbidden Door event. However, the report also highlighted that Punk could have been more thrilled about the idea.

In response to a tweet referencing this report, KENTA expressed his frustration, clearly stating that he is infuriated by the situation. He openly called out All Elite Wrestling for arranging the match without providing him with the appropriate financial compensation he had previously requested.

In a direct message on social media, KENTA expressed his discontent, stating, "Hahaha. Me too. It is ZERO interesting without money. Also, I'm so pissed that they planned our match without my permission and will present it without the proper financial reward.

This is my feud. F**K YOU."

This outburst by KENTA highlights the underlying financial aspects and personal grievances surrounding the potential clash between the two wrestlers.

As the anticipation for the Forbidden Door event continues to grow, including Punk and KENTA in a high-stakes encounter would undoubtedly generate immense interest and excitement among wrestling enthusiasts. However, the apparent financial dispute adds additional tension and drama to an already compelling storyline.

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