Bully Ray Calls Out AEW Over Dynamite's Production Errors

WWE Hall of Famer, Bully Ray, scrutinizes AEW's production mishaps.

by Noman Rasool
Bully Ray Calls Out AEW Over Dynamite's Production Errors

In a recent development, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has leveled criticism at AEW, mainly targeting the wrestling promotion's production team for a series of perceived missteps. The contention arose from a match on Dynamite that saw MJF pitted against Adam Cole.

After receiving a superkick from Cole, MJF appeared to be bleeding from the mouth, leading to speculation that he had bitten a blood capsule. Ray expressed his disapproval of this during his segment on Busted Open Radio. "A couple of things caught my eye during last night's match, some of which unfortunately detracted from the stellar performance by Adam Cole and MJF," began Ray.

He then zeroed in on MJF's apparent use of blood, questioning the decision-making process behind it.

Ray Questions AEW's Narrative Choices

Ray contended, "Did that blood, or supposed blood, really add anything to the narrative? It didn't push the storyline further or have any impact later in the bout." He posited that such an element seemed extraneous and did not contribute to the overall progression of the match.

Ray continued, stating, "If MJF hadn't bled from his mouth after that superkick, would it have made any difference to the match's outcome or quality? I don't believe so. So I'm left wondering why they thought it was necessary to incorporate that aspect." Ray's critique did not end with the wrestlers.

He implored AEW to improve their production standards, particularly regarding scenes that the pro-wrestling universe might find unnecessary or offensive. He said, "The team at AEW needs to realize that they are showing us things they shouldn't be showing." Ray ended his critique by stating that similar mistakes have been made multiple times, especially in matches involving Moxley.

He implored AEW to improve its production quality and be more mindful of its audience. "Please, AEW, take more care with your production. Show the wrestling fans what they need to see, not what they don't," Ray concluded.

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