Nick Jackson Backs Adam Page Post CM Punk Interview


Nick Jackson Backs Adam Page Post CM Punk Interview
Nick Jackson Backs Adam Page Post CM Punk Interview

Friday marked the release of CM Punk's much-anticipated first interview with ESPN following his conspicuous absence from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) since September 2022. The interview, which was heavily promoted prior to its release, raised some eyebrows due to Punk's candid critique of his AEW colleague, "Hangman" Adam Page.

The interview's most striking revelation involved Punk's dissatisfaction with Page's conduct during the "Double or Nothing 2022" promotion episode of "Dynamite." According to Punk, Page deviated from their pre-arranged dialogue during this segment, undermining the trust necessary for their upcoming match.

This mistrust was further exacerbated when Page, in the heat of the match, inadvertently chipped Punk's tooth with a chopping move to the face.

Nick Jackson Defends Adam Page

Later on Friday, Nick Jackson, one-half of the acclaimed wrestling duo the Young Bucks, entered the fray with his own subtle response to the controversy.

Utilizing Instagram's fleeting "Story" feature, Jackson lent his support to Page, praising him both as a wrestler and as a human being. "Adam Page's wrestling skills are impressive, but his qualities as a human being surpass even those," Jackson wrote, concluding his post with a mention of Page's Instagram handle.

This public display of solidarity from the Young Bucks, the first concerning CM Punk since their reported physical confrontation with him last year, adds another layer of complexity to this developing saga. Following Punk's unfiltered criticism of them and others during the post-All Out media scrum last September, the Bucks and their fellow wrestler Kenny Omega were suspended.

Their silence since then has been notable, with only heavily edited segments on the "AEW All Access" reality show offering any insight into their perspective on the suspension and subsequent internal investigation. After two months, the Bucks and Omega returned to AEW, their suspensions lifted following the completion of the internal investigation into the incident.

With Punk's recent comments and Jackson's support of Page, it's clear that tensions remain, hinting at more developments yet to come in this unfolding AEW narrative.

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