Tony Khan Unveils AEW Collision's Dynamic Broadcast Team!


Tony Khan Unveils AEW Collision's Dynamic Broadcast Team!
Tony Khan Unveils AEW Collision's Dynamic Broadcast Team!

In a move that kept fans on the edge of their seats, AEW President Tony Khan has finally unveiled the highly anticipated commentary team for AEW's newest show, "Collision," just a day ahead of its much-awaited debut. Taking to Twitter to share the exciting news, Khan revealed the lineup that will grace the broadcast desk tomorrow night.

Dynamic Trio: Kelly, McGuinness, Ross Headline 'Collision' Commentary

Leading the charge as the play-by-play announcer for "Collision" will be Kevin Kelly, a familiar voice renowned for his work with NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling).

With an impressive tenure behind the microphone, Kelly has established himself as a trusted and authoritative figure in professional wrestling commentary. The seasoned Nigel McGuinness will join him in the booth, known for his color commentary contributions to "ROH on Honor Club" following his reintroduction at this year's Supercard of Honor.

Rounding out the trio is the legendary Jim Ross, whose wealth of experience and unparalleled expertise will provide invaluable insights as the team's expert analyst. As of last week, Jim Ross himself had been kept in the dark regarding the composition of the commentary team.

Having previously taken the helm for "Rampage" after transitioning from "Dynamite," Ross's involvement in "Collision" remains a question mark. It remains to be seen whether he will become a permanent fixture on the show or if his appearances will be reserved for special moments of involvement.

In a separate tweet, Kevin Kelly assured fans that his new role on "Collision" will not interfere with his commitments to NJPW. Kelly will be temporarily replaced by a fill-in commentator whenever conflicting dates arise.

This ensures a seamless transition as he fulfills his obligations in Japan, particularly during the highly anticipated G1 Climax tournament. This reunion on "Collision" allows Kelly to once again collaborate with Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness, former broadcast partners from their respective stints in WWE and ROH.

With the buzz surrounding AEW's "Collision" reaching a fever pitch, fans eagerly await the inaugural episode and the unique chemistry this star-studded commentary team will undoubtedly bring to the airwaves. The combination of Kelly's commanding play-by-play, McGuinness's insightful analysis, and Ross's wealth of knowledge guarantee an unforgettable viewing experience for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

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