Miro AEW Return: Seeking Answers, Finding None


Miro AEW Return: Seeking Answers, Finding None
Miro AEW Return: Seeking Answers, Finding None

Former AEW TNT Champion Miro has been absent from the AEW ring since his victory alongside Darby Allin and Sting against the House of Black at All Out. However, on the recent episode of Dynamite on May 10th, fans were delighted to see Miro walking past Renee Paquette and into Tony Khan's office, signifying his long-awaited return to the company.

It has now been revealed that Miro will join the AEW Collision roster, a new show set to debut on June 17th in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois. In an exclusive interview with Good Karma Wrestling, The Redeemer expressed his eagerness to step back into the pro wrestling ring after a prolonged absence and conveyed his excitement for his upcoming return on Collision.

"I'm very excited to be back in a pro wrestling ring. I've been aching for a long time. The Redeemer has been wandering through the desert, searching for answers. I've found them, or maybe not. We'll have to discover that this Saturday.

Nonetheless, I'm genuinely thrilled to be among the wrestling community and, of course, the fans. I've never had the opportunity to wrestle at the United Center, and the people in Chicago are truly extraordinary. I'm looking forward to it."

Miro's Frustrations: Seeking Answers

Furthermore, Miro candidly addressed the challenges of being away from the ring and not receiving the answers he sought during his absence.

"It's been tough, really tough not being in the ring. As I mentioned, looking for answers and not finding any is a terrible place. It's not just about me; it affects anyone as a human being when unanswered questions plague you.

It gnaws at you from within, and I had considerable time to wrestle with myself. Though I still weigh 260 pounds, I've grappled with these issues. But I'm yearning; I'm yearning to return and uncover what's been happening. It's been far too long." In addition, Miro shed light on his relationship with CM Punk, who is also making his highly anticipated return on Collision.

Punk is scheduled to compete in the show's main event, teaming up with FTR to take on the formidable trio of Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Samoa Joe. As AEW Collision approaches, fans eagerly await Miro's long-awaited return to the ring, where he hopes to find the answers he has been seeking and once again captivate the wrestling world with his undeniable talent and power.