AEW Stars Eye WWE: Potential Talent Cross-Over?


AEW Stars Eye WWE: Potential Talent Cross-Over?
AEW Stars Eye WWE: Potential Talent Cross-Over?

In a recent development, two prominent wrestlers from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) might be considering a leap into the WWE universe. This news comes as one of them has recently made headlines by parting ways with another wrestling promotion.

According to respected wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, who shared his insights in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there could be a potential opportunity for these AEW talents to explore new horizons. The first star in question is Rush, whose absence from recent events has been attributed to visa-related issues—a challenge many foreign wrestlers face in the industry.

Meltzer further revealed that Rush's contract with AEW was a one-year deal that could soon end. On the other hand, Andrade El Idolo, another prominent AEW figure, inked a three-year agreement with Tony Khan's company. However, due to time missed due to an injury, Andrade's contract might be extended to accommodate the lost time.

AEW Stars' Surprising Moves: WWE Talks?

Interestingly, Rush recently caught the wrestling community off-guard by announcing his departure from AAA, leading some to speculate that this move was a strategic step towards initiating talks with WWE.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Andrade El Idolo had expressed his desire to leave AEW several months ago but was denied his release. Whether the situation has since changed remains uncertain, especially considering Andrade's upcoming prominent role on the highly anticipated Collision show.

Speaking of Collision, Andrade El Idolo is scheduled to compete against Buddy Matthews, a former WWE star, in the event's inaugural edition. This matchup intrigues wrestling enthusiasts, showcasing the potential talent crossover between AEW and WWE.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits further developments, it remains to be seen whether these two AEW stars will transition to WWE or continue contributing to the growth and success of AEW. Nonetheless, their potential departures would undoubtedly be a topic of interest and speculation among fans and industry insiders.