Kris Statlander Assesses AEW Women's Division: A Compact View


Kris Statlander Assesses AEW Women's Division: A Compact View
Kris Statlander Assesses AEW Women's Division: A Compact View

As the newly crowned TBS Champion, Kris Statlander has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) women's division. Recognizing her influential role, Statlander is advocating for her division to gain increased visibility, eager to spotlight the wealth of talent that comprises this section of the roster.

In a candid conversation with Haus Of Wrestling, Statlander acknowledged the prevailing challenge within AEW - providing adequate time for each wrestler to display their prowess, especially considering the women's division is traditionally granted less screen time.

"It's a demanding task to allot everyone the deserved time," she confessed.

Statlander's Plea for Representation

Emphasizing her desire for more inclusive representation, Statlander expressed, "I wish we had more time at our disposal to flaunt the incredible women we have in our division.

The strength and talent within our roster is truly remarkable and I yearn for more frequent opportunities to demonstrate this." The launch of AEW's new program "Collision" in the coming week could potentially address this issue.

Offering additional television hours, it presents a golden opportunity to showcase underutilized talent, an idea that the TBS Champion enthusiastically supports. However, she doesn't envision a rigid separation of talent between the existing shows and the new one.

Reflecting on the depth of the women's division, Statlander stated, "People often underestimate the number of female wrestlers we have. Given that we're featured in a comparatively small portion of the show, it's understandable.

However, it's unlikely to pose a problem, especially with the possibility of performers being able to appear on both shows." Confident in the division's capacity to rise to the occasion, she added, "I firmly believe we will fulfill audience expectations.

Given the chance, we will undoubtedly prove our worth and make the most of these opportunities." By seeking more screen time for the AEW women's division, Statlander is not only championing the cause for her fellow wrestlers but is also pushing boundaries to ensure that the division steps into a brighter spotlight and captures the audience's imagination like never before.

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