Jim Ross Apologizes for AEW Incident, Announces Break


Jim Ross Apologizes for AEW Incident, Announces Break
Jim Ross Apologizes for AEW Incident, Announces Break

In a surprising development, veteran commentator Jim Ross, a well-known and respected figure in the world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), announced that he is stepping back from his professional duties to focus on his health.

The announcement came in the wake of a noticeable change in Ross's performance during the premiere of AEW's Collision event in Chicago.

Ross Suffers Fall, Remains Resilient

Ross, earlier this weekend, tweeted about an unfortunate fall that resulted in a severe black eye.

Despite this, he remained committed to his responsibilities and travelled to Chicago for the highly anticipated AEW Collision premiere. His resilience demonstrated his longstanding dedication to the industry. However, it was clear that the incident had taken a toll on him.

The event's commentary was initially led by Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly, a plan that was previously announced by AEW. They provided commentary until the main event, at which point Ross was slated to join them. However, as the evening progressed, there were signs that Ross was struggling.

His voice, usually a dependable and familiar part of any AEW broadcast, was noticeably affected. These issues did not go unnoticed by the viewers, and Ross's performance quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Always transparent with his fans, Ross addressed these concerns on Twitter following the show.

"I apologize for the way I sounded tonight," he tweeted, acknowledging the toll the day had taken on him. In the same tweet, Ross announced his decision to step away from AEW for a period of time to focus on his health. "Going to step away to heal.

Thanks for your support," he added, emphasizing his gratitude to the supportive community of fans. Earlier in the week, AEW had announced that Ross would lend his expert analysis to the main events of Collision each Saturday.

With Ross's sudden departure, it is uncertain who will take over his role in the interim or how long Ross's hiatus will last. The professional wrestling community eagerly awaits his return, wishing him a swift recovery.

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