Jim Ross Steps Away from AEW Collision Citing Voice Issues, Plans to Recover


Jim Ross Steps Away from AEW Collision Citing Voice Issues, Plans to Recover
Jim Ross Steps Away from AEW Collision Citing Voice Issues, Plans to Recover

Veteran commentator Jim Ross expressed remorse on Twitter for his vocal irregularities during the highly anticipated main event of "AEW Collision". He took a moment to extend his apology to fans, expressing his intent to temporarily retire for recuperation, "I apologize for the way I sounded tonight.

Going to step away to heal. Thanks for your support," read his tweet. Ross was joined by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness to announce the much-awaited return of wrestling titan CM Punk. Observant fans, however, noticed an unusual tonal difference in Ross' voice.

Earlier that day, Ross shared a snapshot of himself sporting a black eye following an unfortunate fall. But undeterred by this incident, he maintained his commitment to the main event of "Collision". He lightheartedly suggested to his co-commentators, Kelly and McGuinness, that his "hoarse" voice was a result of his enthusiasm for the event.

Punk's Triumphant Return at Collision

The highlight of the "Collision" was the triumphant comeback of Punk, who initiated the show with an engaging monologue. The showstopper saw Punk join forces with AEW Tag Team Champions FTR to clash against "Switchblade" Jay White, Juice Robinson, and the reigning Ring of Honor World TV Champion, Samoa Joe.

Ultimately, Punk and the FTR triumphed after Punk landed Robinson with a GTS, thereby securing the win. The majority of the "Collision" commentary was provided by Kelly, renowned for his stellar commentary work for New Japan Pro Wrestling, alongside McGuinness, acclaimed for his WWE commentary in "NXT".

Tony Khan, AEW's president, unveiled this dynamic duo on Friday, confirming their future role as the main commentary team for the Saturday night broadcast. In contrast, Ross is anticipated to occasionally join them, lending his seasoned expertise to the broadcast.

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