CM Punk Makes Explosive AEW Debut on Dynamite!

CM Punk's return to AEW sparks intrigue and speculation.

by Atia Mukhtar
CM Punk Makes Explosive AEW Debut on Dynamite!

CM Punk has made a triumphant return to AEW, marking his comeback to the company after a hiatus of nine months. The renowned wrestler, known for his outspoken nature, wasted no time in making his presence felt on the inaugural episode of Collision, captivating the crowd in Chicago with his explosive style.

Punk seized the opportunity to express his unfiltered thoughts, taking shots at what he called "counterfeit bucks" and labeling certain wrestlers as "soft." Later that evening, in a highly anticipated matchup, CM Punk joined forces with FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler in a tag team encounter against Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Samoa Joe.

The atmosphere reached fever pitch as Punk and Joe, who have shared a storied rivalry, locked horns once again. Ultimately, it was Punk's team that emerged victorious, sending the crowd into a frenzy of elation.

The Complex Role of CM Punk on Collision

Speculation has arisen surrounding CM Punk's role on Collision, with many suggesting that the show allows for a continued separation between him and The Elite, who have seemingly been unwilling to reconcile.

However, the situation may be more complex than meets the eye. According to reports from Fightful Select, although AEW has not officially announced it, sources close to Punk have revealed that he is scheduled to appear on the upcoming episode of Dynamite, set to take place on June 21st in Chicago, Illinois—Punk's hometown.

In light of this, there is a "good chance" that The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, members of The Elite, might not be present at the show, possibly due to concerns over the reception they would receive. It is worth noting that pre-taped segments have been employed to advance their ongoing storylines.

With the highly anticipated Forbidden Door concept inching closer to reality, AEW likely aims to feature CM Punk as prominently as possible, especially if plans are in motion for a crossover event with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Punk's return to AEW has undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, and fans are eagerly awaiting his upcoming appearances, both on Collision and potentially on Dynamite. As the saga unfolds, it remains to be seen how his presence will continue to shape the landscape of professional wrestling and pave the way for exciting new collaborations in the future.

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