AEW Roster Split Met with Mixed Reactions Behind the Scenes


AEW Roster Split Met with Mixed Reactions Behind the Scenes
AEW Roster Split Met with Mixed Reactions Behind the Scenes

The highly anticipated AEW Collision made its debut on June 17th, leaving wrestling fans buzzing with excitement. While the return of CM Punk stole the spotlight, several other absent AEW stars also made their presence felt during the show, adding to the thrill.

One notable comeback was that of Miro, who had been absent from action since All Out 2022. He wasted no time in dispatching Tony Nese, signaling his intent to dominate once again. Another returning star was Andrade El Idolo, who found himself in the crosshairs of The House of Black.

Andrade secured a victory over Buddy Matthews, drawing inspiration from his wife, the renowned Charlotte Flair. In the lead-up to Collision's debut, rumors circulated that AEW President Tony Khan was contemplating a roster split.

The idea behind this split was to alleviate backstage tensions and provide more opportunities for lesser-featured talent on the new show. However, recent reports from Fightful Select indicate that the anticipated roster split might not be happening after all.

Internal Reactions to AEW's Dual Roster Proposal

According to the report, a few months ago, details were circulated within the company indicating the presence of "two distinct rosters" for Dynamite and Collision, with exceptions made for champions.

This news, however, received a mixed response internally. While some stars were unhappy about the potential missed opportunities for signings and other bookings, others embraced the idea as a means to minimize backstage issues, particularly between CM Punk and The Elite.

Sources within Warner Brothers Discovery, AEW's parent company, expressed a preference for no split but remained open to exploring what could work. The trademark for the term "transfer portal" was previously associated with a potential roster split but has now been put on hold.

Despite being the driving force behind Collision's success, CM Punk is expected to make an appearance on the June 21st edition of Dynamite, which will be held in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. The inclusion of Punk in Dynamite demonstrates the fluidity and interconnectedness between the two shows, captivating fans with surprises and keeping them eagerly engaged.

As AEW continues to navigate its growing roster and evolving dynamics, the mixed reactions surrounding the rumored roster split reflect the complex nature of managing talent and maintaining harmony within the promotion. Fans eagerly await the next twists and turns in AEW's exciting journey.


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