CM Punk AEW Return Fails to Sway KENTA's Decision


CM Punk AEW Return Fails to Sway KENTA's Decision
CM Punk AEW Return Fails to Sway KENTA's Decision

In a dramatic turn of events, the longstanding feud between CM Punk and KENTA regarding the iconic Go To Sleep (GTS) move has resurfaced, capturing the attention of wrestling enthusiasts. Earlier this month, KENTA, the Japanese inventor of the move who candidly admitted to stealing it, announced his decision to no longer pursue a match against the renowned Chicagoan.

However, he did mention that he would reconsider, but only if a substantial sum of money were involved. It appeared that KENTA's motivation for the match had shifted, rendering it unnecessary in his eyes. Coincidentally, the timing of this announcement aligned with CM Punk's highly anticipated return to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following a nine-month absence.

The news of Punk's comeback had just been revealed for the premiere of Collision, a momentous event that would soon be followed by Forbidden Door—a groundbreaking AEW crossover featuring talents from New Japan Pro-Wrestling, KENTA's home promotion.

Intriguingly, reports began circulating that discussions had taken place between the two companies regarding the potential booking of a KENTA vs. Punk showdown at the upcoming June 25 pay-per-view in Toronto.

KENTA's Unyielding Demand

However, KENTA remained resolute in his stance, reinforcing his position on social media.

In a tweet, he declared that AEW President Tony Khan would need to offer him a substantial sum—the proverbial "bag"—if he wanted to witness a clash between KENTA and Punk at Forbidden Door.

This statement from KENTA presents two possible interpretations. It could suggest that Khan's financial offer failed to meet KENTA's expectations, or it could signify that KENTA is intentionally concealing some surprises planned for the upcoming week.

Fans have responded to the news with a mixed array of reactions, with some making light-hearted jokes about the former possibility, referencing Punk's literal bag that he brought with him to Collision a couple of nights ago.

Others, however, are placing their bets on the latter option, speculating that KENTA might be hinting at undisclosed surprises yet to be revealed. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits further developments, the air is filled with anticipation and uncertainty, leaving fans intrigued about the future of this contentious rivalry and the potential showdown between KENTA and CM Punk.

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