Jeff Jarrett Praises AEW Collision Premiere, Notes Competitive Energy

AEW's Jeff Jarrett shares insights on the brand's dynamics.

by Noman Rasool
Jeff Jarrett Praises AEW Collision Premiere, Notes Competitive Energy

On the most recent episode of his "My World" podcast, Hall of Fame inductee and current Director of Business Development for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Jeff Jarrett, shared his insights on AEW's newest weekend program, AEW Collision.

The show's premiere was marked by the eagerly anticipated returns of wrestling luminaries such as CM Punk, Andrade El Idolo, and the Redeemer Miro.
Jarrett wasn't a part of the action that unfolded within the ring, but he was a prominent presence behind the scenes, relishing the exhilarating energy that permeated the building.

Jarrett has often noted on his podcast that wrestling is as much an art form as a sport. Despite the different interpretations of the creative aspects, the one constant remains - professional wrestling is an enthralling spectacle.

He was particularly impressed by the ambiance created for the AEW Collision, both from an in-person and televised perspective. According to Jarrett, the new set for the show was beyond impressive, and the electric atmosphere at the United Center, a venue he holds dear, made the event even more special.

AEW Roster's Rising Competitiveness

The seasoned wrestling veteran quickly recognized the rising competition within the AEW ranks. He lauded this growing competitiveness as a positive development, suggesting it has added a fresh impetus to the promotion's roster.

The addition of Collision to the AEW's weekend lineup, supplementing the existing Dynamite show on Wednesday nights, has sparked a rivalry within the brand. According to Jarrett, this internal competition is set to benefit both shows.

Furthermore, Jarrett expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of AEW Collision and was optimistic about its future. He praised the inaugural show's success and congratulated all the wrestlers who participated in it. With his vast experience in the wrestling business, he's well aware that only some shows will achieve perfection.

However, he firmly believes that AEW Collision has started on a promising note and has the potential to deliver top-notch entertainment to its audience continuously. Jarrett's excitement for the future of AEW, fueled by this newfound competitive spirit, underscores his confidence in the brand's direction.

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