AEW Collision Ticket Sales News


AEW Collision Ticket Sales News

AEW is in trouble! Most AEW hardcore fans know that! For a company that wishes to compete with the WWE, their progression has been terrible. Instead of growing year after year, their ratings are declining. Many people state that the poor ratings are due to Tony Khan’s lack of experience as a booker.

Critics believe that Tony Khan is too soft to run a professional wrestling promotion and the talents take advantage of him on most occasions.

Dave Meltzer Reports on AEW Ticket Sales These Days After CM Punk's Return

AEW Collision is AEW’s latest show, which is basically dubbed ‘The CM Punk show’ by most people.

Many people believe that Tony Khan launched Collision to separate CM Punk from The Elite. It is a very well-known fact that The Elite do not want CM Punk in the locker room as they believe he is extremely toxic. Others believe that The Elite want CM Punk out of the AEW to make sure that he never outshines them.

Whatever the case, CM Punk’s return to AEW was something that both casual and hardcore wrestling fans wanted. CM Punk made his return on the first episode of Collision. We all know that AEW was getting very good ratings when CM Punk appeared on AEW TV.

AEW has also been struggling to sell tickets as of late. Dave Meltzer reported that AEW Collision Ticket Sales are good now. This is probably due to the return of CM Punk, a star that AEW definitely needs to help them get good ratings again.

"AEW has picked up on ticket sales, though, in a lot of markets since Saturday," Dave Meltzer said. "'Collision' and 'Dynamite.' You know what? It sometimes only takes a big angle, and people think there's a big angle. The problem is there may not be a big angle.

But I think people think that there is because if you watch the TV, you'd probably come to the conclusion that there is. "So yeah, ticket sales are up for several of the shows. Some of the Canadian shows are also having to do with lowering ticket prices.

Hamilton and Toronto both lowered prices. I think they were doing four packs, where you could get four tickets for, like, 16.50 each. So that sold a decent amount of tickets. Toronto's still down, but it's for Saturday, but it's over three thousand, so it's not horrible.

If they get to four, I would say, based on what they've been doing, I would say that's okay. If it's at 2,500 or 3,000, I wouldn't call that good. Chicago might sell out Wednesday night, though."

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