Amanda Huber Assumes New Role in AEW


Amanda Huber Assumes New Role in AEW
Amanda Huber Assumes New Role in AEW

In a recent backstage rearrangement, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has strategically transitioned a prominent figure from the community outreach sector to the production side of the business. According to PWInsider, Amanda Huber, known for her community engagement endeavors, has now taken on a crucial role within AEW's production department.

This decision came to fruition following her recruitment by Michael Mansury, the company's Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer.

Amanda Huber: AEW's Resilient Legacy

Amanda Huber, the widow of the late AEW star and former TNT Champion, Brodie Lee (Jon Huber), has been an active part of AEW since her husband's unfortunate passing in December 2020.

Brodie Lee, only 41 at the time of his demise, had been a significant wrestling persona both in AEW and WWE. Known as Luke Harper in his WWE days, he was a crucial member of The Wyatt Family and attained notable recognition.

Lee's journey with AEW began in March 2020, amid the global pandemic's unsettling rise. Despite the challenging times, he emerged triumphant in the ring by defeating Cody Rhodes for the coveted TNT Championship. His last match took place in October of the same year, where he unfortunately lost his title back to Rhodes in an intense Dog Collar Match.

Earlier this year, AEW undertook a comprehensive revamp of its community outreach initiatives, renaming it 'AEW Together' As part of this new strategy, the company announced new roles for notable wrestling figures including Paul Wight, Jake Roberts, and Mark Henry.

Now, with Amanda Huber moving to production, it appears AEW is actively seeking to diversify its team and strengthen its outreach, both within and outside the ring. Amanda's new role signifies her unwavering commitment to the AEW family, continuing the legacy of her late husband while contributing significantly to the wrestling community's overall growth.

This shift promises to deliver a new dynamic and perspective to AEW's production division, reflecting the company's continuous evolution.


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