Bully Ray Critique: AEW Dynamite's Referee Troubles

Controversial Referee Moments Spark Debate in AEW Dynamite.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray Critique: AEW Dynamite's Referee Troubles

The latest edition of "AEW Dynamite" on June 14 provided fans with an exhilarating 30-minute time-limit draw between AEW World Champion MJF and Adam Cole, leaving spectators buzzing with excitement. However, not everyone was impressed, as former Impact World Champion Bully Ray expressed his dissatisfaction with referee Bryce Remsburg's performance.

During a recent segment on "Busted Open," Ray highlighted three instances that left him questioning the referee's actions. "The ugly is the same ugliness that I have been addressing since day one—the referees," Ray exclaimed.

"When I'm witnessing a fantastic match, the refereeing, or rather the poor refereeing in certain circumstances, is just as noticeable as the outstanding wrestling."

Perplexing Referee Conduct Raises Concerns

Ray pinpointed three key occurrences during the MJF vs.

Cole match that caused him to question the referee's conduct. The first took place when both wrestlers fell to the floor during a picture-in-picture commercial break. Ray found it perplexing that the referee joined them on the floor, spending a whole minute checking on them before re-entering the ring and starting the count.

He suggested alternative approaches that would maintain the referee's credibility, such as checking on both wrestlers and then commencing the count while one of them rolled back into the ring. The second incident revolved around a table spot.

Despite the wrestlers being outside the ring, the referee refrained from counting them out. Instead, he engaged in conversation with them for an extended period before eventually rolling back into the ring and only counting out Adam Cole upon his return.

Ray criticized this sequence for its lack of coherence, emphasizing the illogicality of counting out only one wrestler while the other remained unaccounted for. Ray further emphasized the significance of referees in a match, stating, "Unfortunately, it does take away from the match because the referee is as integral to the match as the wrestlers themselves." While acknowledging that referees shouldn't overshadow the action, he underscored their essential role in maintaining order and ensuring stipulations are followed.

Ray proposed that AEW should consider adding stipulations to matches, such as No Disqualification or No Count-Out, if they want to minimize the referee's influence. He also criticized the repeated errors during the MJF vs. Cole match, branding them as lazy and disrespectful to the industry, suggesting that such mistakes would result in a real sport referee being fired for negligence.

This isn't the first time Bully Ray has raised concerns about AEW's referee work. Back in March, he criticized the referees for what he deemed as laziness, specifically mentioning an incident where referees held a ladder for Powerhouse Hobbs during a match.

AEW referee Stephon Smith responded at the time, expressing his frustration with the ongoing critiques. As AEW continues to develop and refine its product, addressing concerns related to referee performances could contribute to an even more immersive and engaging wrestling experience for fans and participants alike.

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