AEW Star's Challenge: "Pay Up and I'll Clash!"


AEW Star's Challenge: "Pay Up and I'll Clash!"
AEW Star's Challenge: "Pay Up and I'll Clash!"

AEW's inaugural episode of Collision has undeniably been a resounding success, leaving several wrestlers within the company contemplating future appearances on the show. The highly-anticipated return of CM Punk, who had been sidelined due to a significant injury, served as the captivating bookends for this remarkable event.

Punk made an impactful entrance, delivering one of his trademark scathing promos that electrified the crowd. The night culminated with his exhilarating return to the squared circle, marking his first match since September 2022.

However, Punk's star power wasn't the sole attraction on Collision; the event boasted a lineup of notable talents including FTR, Miro, Andrade El Idolo, Christian Cage, and many other luminaries.

A Welcoming Landscape: Wrestlers Enticed

Notably, AEW's lack of a rigid brand extension or roster split has created an inviting atmosphere for wrestlers across the promotion to consider participating in future episodes of Collision.

This inclusive nature prompted Eddie Kingston, a fan-favorite competitor, to weigh in on the potential of his involvement in an intriguing discussion on the podcast "What Happened When" with hosts Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson.

In response to the prospect, Kingston boldly expressed, "If you pay up, I'll be there." Displaying unwavering loyalty to the promoter, he conveyed his willingness to accept any challenge booked by Tony Khan, the mastermind behind AEW.

Kingston emphasized his dedication to his craft, affirming his commitment to fulfill his job requirements, regardless of the opponent or stipulations presented to him. While Eddie Kingston's current standing within AEW remains somewhat uncertain, Kenny Omega, one of the promotion's top stars, recently hinted at the possibility of extending an inviting hand to Kingston.

In a compelling promo, Omega conveyed his willingness to "offer Kingston a home," suggesting that the company values his contributions and sees potential in their continued collaboration. As AEW's Collision continues to captivate wrestling enthusiasts with its electrifying matches and unpredictable surprises, the open invitation for wrestlers to make their mark on the show stands as a testament to the promotion's commitment to delivering unforgettable moments.

Whether Eddie Kingston seizes this opportunity or not, the possibilities for future Collision episodes are brimming with excitement and intrigue.