Jeff Jarrett: AEW Collision Debut Hits a Home Run!

AEW's "Collision" sparks fierce competition and amplifies wrestling thrills.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jeff Jarrett: AEW Collision Debut Hits a Home Run!

AEW's much-anticipated third televised wrestling show, aptly titled "Collision," made its official premiere on June 17th to the delight of fans worldwide. The episode was a spectacle from start to finish, marked by the highly anticipated return of CM Punk in the captivating opening segment.

The main event featured an explosive showdown, with Punk teaming up with FTR to triumph over Juice Robinson, Jay White, and Samoa Joe. Jeff Jarrett, the Director of Business Development at AEW, recently expressed his admiration for the debut episode of "Collision" during a segment of "My World." He began by commending the visually striking set, noting that its grandeur was even more impressive in person.

"When there's a new show and a new set—and man, it did look off the charts good," Jarrett expressed. "I think it looked more impressive there in the building. Yes, it looked great on TV, but live, it was just unbelievably awesome, and the vibe in the United Center, one of my favorite venues of all time."

Intensified Competition Energizes AEW

Delving deeper, Jarrett highlighted the heightened level of competition that now exists within AEW's landscape, thanks to the addition of "Collision" alongside their existing two live, weekly shows.

He embraced the authentic sense of rivalry that permeates the professional wrestling industry, asserting, "Yes, we're scripted entertainment, but something that was real in the air that I love in professional wrestling is the competitive juices have turned up a notch in AEW.

I think that is an absolute great thing. I'm not talking about any one thing. When you have two hours on Wednesday night and two hours on Saturday night, there's a bit of a competitive nature within the brand, and I think the old saying 'a rising tide lifts all ships,' I think it's going to help both shows, I'll just say that." In closing, Jarrett expressed his unbridled enthusiasm for the future of "Collision" and its continued success.

Acknowledging that perfection is elusive, he emphasized the remarkable impact the debut episode had right out of the gate: "I am so excited for 'Collision' to get off the ground and keep on rolling. You don't always bat a thousand, but out of the gate, I thought 'Collision' knocked it out of the park." As AEW's latest venture gains momentum, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the exhilarating matches, engaging storylines, and the dynamic competition that "Collision" promises to deliver each week.

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