Bryan Danielson Health & Role in AEW: Latest Update

Bryan Danielson's In-Ring Future Sparks Speculation and Worries

by Atia Mukhtar
Bryan Danielson Health & Role in AEW: Latest Update

Bryan Danielson, widely regarded as one of the premier in-ring wrestlers of our time, has been noticeably absent from the squared circle in recent months, prompting fans to question the reasons behind his limited appearances.

The catalyst for Bryan's reduced wrestling schedule can be traced back to his grueling encounter at Revolution in March. Engaged in a physically demanding 60-minute Ironman match against MJF, Bryan not only suffered defeat but also left viewers intrigued when he hinted at a potential departure in a heartfelt promo on the subsequent episode of AEW Dynamite.

This sparked speculation about the future of the esteemed wrestler within the industry. While Bryan did return after a few weeks, his involvement since then has been relatively restricted. Joining forces with the Blackpool Combat Club, he has participated in only one official match, namely the ten-man Anarchy in the Arena bout at Double or Nothing.

Apart from these sporadic appearances, Bryan has been primarily relegated to beat-down segments and fulfilling commentary duties.

Wrestling Fans Express Concerns: Bryan's Physical Condition?

The scarcity of Bryan Danielson matches has understandably given rise to concerns about his physical well-being, particularly with his upcoming showdown against Kazuchika Okada scheduled for this Sunday at Forbidden Door—a contest renowned for its grueling, endurance-driven style.

Insights from Fightful Select shed light on the situation, revealing that Bryan has been dealing with lingering injuries and overall wear and tear. Having wrestled since 1999, the toll of accumulated damage has understandably taken its toll on the esteemed athlete.

This explains why Bryan's participation in the Anarchy in the Arena match was relatively limited compared to his counterparts and why he refrained from competing in any matches between Revolution and Double or Nothing. However, Bryan's absence from the ring should not overshadow his noteworthy contributions to AEW's success behind the scenes.

In addition to his commentary work for BCC matches, he has actively participated in the creative aspect of AEW Collision, playing a pivotal role in shaping the overall creative direction of the program's initial episodes.

While fans anxiously await Bryan Danielson's return to in-ring action, his dedication to AEW's growth through his involvement in the creative process serves as a testament to his enduring passion for the industry. As he continues to recuperate and assess his physical condition, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing the resurgence of the "American Dragon" inside the ropes once again.

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