AEW Superstar Silences "Divisiveness" Rumors Surrounding Locker Room

FTR's Dax Harwood Sets the Record Straight Amid Locker Room Speculations

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Superstar Silences "Divisiveness" Rumors Surrounding Locker Room

Chicago's AEW Dynamite event last week excited fans as highly anticipated appearances by FTR and CM Punk took center stage. However, the arrival of CM Punk also sparked a flurry of rumors surrounding alleged locker room divisiveness.

Fortunately, one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Dax Harwood, swiftly addressed and dismissed these speculations. Dax Harwood and his partner Cash Wheeler form the formidable tag team known as FTR. The duo has solidified their reputation as one of the most exceptional teams in modern wrestling, capturing tag team titles across various promotions.

While FTR has earned praise for its in-ring prowess, they have also faced criticism for its behavior on social media platforms. Nevertheless, Dax Harwood utilized Twitter to set the record straight and refute any turmoil claims within the AEW locker room.

Harwood Denies Divisiveness, Embraces Unity

In a gracious tweet, Harwood expressed his gratitude towards the AEW community for their warm reception of Finley, possibly a family member or friend. He highlighted the impeccable treatment she received at Dynamite and emphasized that he observed no signs of the alleged divisiveness mentioned by specific individuals.

Harwood further extended his assurance by suggesting that skeptics should also explore the Collision locker room, emphasizing the strong bond that unites the wrestlers in a familial embrace. By publicly acknowledging the camaraderie and solidarity within AEW, Dax Harwood effectively squashed the rumors that threatened to overshadow the thrilling events of the evening.

His words resonated with a sense of authenticity, drawing attention to the unity and cohesion among the talented athletes who compete under the AEW banner. As the AEW fanbase eagerly absorbs every development and storyline, Dax Harwood's prompt response serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving.

In this case, the locker room dynamics have been reaffirmed as harmonious and supportive, with the athletes treating one another as members of an extended family. With FTR's Dax Harwood ensuring clarity on the matter, the focus can now shift back to the exhilarating in-ring action and the upcoming battles that will continue to captivate AEW fans worldwide.

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