AEW's Unending Saga: CM Punk & Colt Cabana


AEW's Unending Saga: CM Punk & Colt Cabana
AEW's Unending Saga: CM Punk & Colt Cabana

The aftermath of the AEW All Out in September 2022 continues to echo as questions about the tussle between CM Punk and Colt Cabana refuse to fade. Stemming from allegations of Punk attempting to oust Cabana from AEW, the ensuing drama has left a bitter taste in the wrestling community and the backstage at AEW.

As documented, the palpable tension flared during the notorious "Brawl Out," a series of events that many attribute to Punk's supposed transgressions. However, both CM Punk and AEW's CEO Tony Khan consistently repudiate these claims.

Despite their denials, the rumor, much like the proverbial phoenix, incessantly resurrects, outshining the AEW's weekly shows and spawning rounds of internal drama.

Meltzer Reveals Internal Beliefs

Renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer shed light on the matter, quoting Bucks and Chris Jericho's involvement in Cabana's reinstatement at ROH.

Meltzer revealed, "a substantial portion of the locker room held firm to the belief, many still insist based on internal knowledge, that Khan fired Cabana and Punk had no involvement." This narrative continues to reverberate internally.

Maybe, it's time to heed Punk's advice and finally put this issue to rest. In the world of wrestling, reality often intertwines with drama. The wrestling fraternity thrives on rumors and intrigue, adding a tangy flavor to this unique form of entertainment that captivates millions globally.

But amid all the thrill and suspense, we often forget the real humans behind these larger-than-life personas. Khan alone knows the truth about the Punk-Cabana fiasco. Thus far, he has denied any allegations regarding Punk's involvement in Cabana's dismissal.

While everyone is entitled to form opinions based on available information, these remain opinions and not facts. We must tread carefully when opinions begin to masquerade as facts; it can have profound implications. No one contests that Punk and Cabana's friendship concluded on a bitter note.

Yet, it's unfair to constantly dredge up their past, forcing them to relive unwanted emotions. Phil Brooks and Scott Colton deserve their private matters to remain private. Punk and Cabana's personal equation need not influence their professional obligations.

At AEW, they are both contracted as wrestler and producer respectively. Their job responsibilities do not necessitate them to collaborate directly. As long as each one fulfills his role effectively and contributes to AEW's growth, the rest should be deemed irrelevant.

The recurring Punk-Cabana saga has overshadowed AEW's recent successes, including the successful debut of "AEW Collision" and the exciting match-ups of the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view. Instead of basking in these triumphs, the company's achievements are being overshadowed by old controversies.

It's time this issue was laid to rest, and attention was redirected towards more productive matters. Personal disputes need to be resolved personally, not in the public forum or gossip columns. In the end, it would be wise to remember, "Gossip dies when it hits a wise person's ears." Maybe it's time we all became a little wiser.

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