AEW Star Departs Dynamite Upset: Reports

Wrestling community buzzes over behind-the-scenes AEW developments.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Star Departs Dynamite Upset: Reports

In the high-stakes world of professional wrestling, a sense of tension and unrest is practically a prerequisite. The recent comeback of CM Punk at the "AEW Collision" event on June 17, followed by his subsequent appearance on "Dynamite" on the ensuing Wednesday, seems to have generated a ripple of mixed emotions.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter penned by Dave Meltzer, an unidentified top-tier personality reportedly exited Wednesday's "Dynamite" with a mood somewhat soured. It was during the inaugural "Collision" event that Punk made his first AEW appearance since his involvement in the chaotic All Out event in September of the previous year.

That memorable evening culminated in a heated media scrum and a backstage melee involving Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks of The Elite, alongside Ace Steel and CM Punk. In the fallout of this scuffle, Steel found himself cut loose, while The Elite was conspicuously absent from television broadcasts for over a month.

They eventually reemerged during the Full Gear pay-per-view event in November. During this upheaval, Punk took a hiatus, nursing an injury until he made a triumphant return on AEW's latest offering.

Tension Rises Despite Preventive Measures

Despite the stringent measures to keep all the combatants from "Brawl Out" apart during Wednesday's event, with The Elite only materializing through pre-recorded segments, it wasn't enough to mollify the concerned top-tier star.

According to Meltzer, this figure characterized the current situation as a volatile "ticking time bomb" that promises an unpropitious conclusion. Nevertheless, there are dissenting voices against the reported discord. Dax Harwood, who comprises one half of the FTR tag team and partnered with Punk for his comeback match, contested these reports of divisiveness on Friday via Twitter.

In his tweet, Harwood robustly defended the camaraderie within the team, stating, "If there is a 'divisiveness' that a certain individual is reporting, I didn't see it AT ALL. Check the Collision locker room too. This is a family." As the world of professional wrestling continues to whirl, observers eagerly await the fallout from these recent developments.