Don Callis Hints at New AEW Faction to Challenge The Elite


Don Callis Hints at New AEW Faction to Challenge The Elite
Don Callis Hints at New AEW Faction to Challenge The Elite

The wrestling landscape could be set to shift dramatically, as the Elite currently locked in combat with the Blackpool Combat Club, may soon face a formidable new adversary. Don Callis, backed by Konosuke Takeshita, has emerged as a significant threat.

This unanticipated alliance arose from the betrayal of Kenny Omega and his companions several weeks ago. The pair's clear aim: dismantle the Elite. Their audacious method: a screwdriver attack on Omega, costing the Elite their victory in the Anarchy in the Arena match.

This calculated betrayal, according to Callis, is just the beginning.

Callis Unveils New AEW Alliance

During a recent episode of "Talk is Jericho," Callis and his comrade Takeshita elaborated on their strategic alliance. Callis revealed his intention of building what he referred to as "his new family", starting with Takeshita at the helm.

"He's a stud athlete and he's the foundation of the Don Callis Family," Callis confidently stated about Takeshita. "He's an impressive figure, standing 6'3, weighing 240, and an accomplished decathlete. He's not just good at one thing like Kenny was at hockey; he mastered ten events, demonstrating his versatile skills.

He even reached Olympic standards, a testament to his athletic prowess," Callis added with admiration. His praises didn't stop there. "He's charismatic, radiating the aura of a rock star. He's the kind of person who commands a room before he even enters it.

And most importantly, he's a stud athlete. He's our new Kenny Omega, the future of wrestling. Kenny destroyed my family," Callis continued, his voice filled with determination, "[and] I'll retaliate by building a new one, a superior family that won't betray me like Kenny and the Bucks." Callis believes that The Elite are on a mission to annihilate him and Takeshita.

Therefore, he hinted at expanding their duo, hinting at new additions to his 'family' "Many wrestlers desire the guidance Don Callis provides, and we're about to witness the manifestation of that desire in the coming weeks," Callis declared, adding a layer of anticipation to the future of AEW. It seems the ring is set for an epic showdown, and the wrestling world is watching closely.


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