WWE Legend Applauds AEW's "Collision" as a Grand Slam


WWE Legend Applauds AEW's "Collision" as a Grand Slam

WWE veteran Jim Cornette, renowned for his extensive experience in the industry, has enthusiastically praised All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for achieving remarkable success with the inaugural episode of their new show, Collision, which aired last week.

With anticipation and excitement running high, Collision captivated loyal fans and seasoned professionals alike—the star-studded event delivered on its promise, featuring various notable talents. The crowd erupted as CM Punk, a long-awaited returnee, took center stage, delivering a captivating performance on the microphone.

Other formidable stars such as Andrade El Idolo, Miro, and Samoa Joe also made their presence felt, producing impressive displays that solidified their comeback in AEW. According to reports, AEW plans to establish a distinctive roster split between their flagship show, Dynamite, and Collision.

This strategy aims to accentuate the unique identities of each program. Former WWE star Matt Hardy even suggested the possibility of a future World series between the two shows, teasing an intriguing prospect for wrestling enthusiasts.

Cornette's Evaluation: Collision's Potential

During a recent episode of his popular podcast, Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, the accomplished former WWE manager shared his perspective on the premiere episode of Collision. Cornette expressed his evaluation, stating, "If not a home run with the entire show top to bottom, a home run giving the people the Punk promo they wanted and a great main event...and just a better announce team and some interest, then hopefully they will hook a significant number of these to come back over the next few weeks and maybe build something from there." Cornette's endorsement of the show highlights the positive aspects that resonated with fans.

Specifically, he commended AEW for delivering the much-anticipated CM Punk promo and an enthralling main event. While acknowledging the potential for improvement, Cornette expressed hope that the show's overall appeal would entice a substantial portion of the audience to continue tuning in, ultimately paving the way for future development and success.

AEW's Collision debut undoubtedly left an indelible impression on the wrestling landscape, garnering praise from industry veterans like Jim Cornette and leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next episode. As the company continues to navigate its way forward, the wrestling world eagerly anticipates what AEW has in store for the future, hoping to witness further groundbreaking moments that push the boundaries of sports entertainment.

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