Paul Wight to Enjoy Captain Insano Role Before AEW Retirement


Paul Wight to Enjoy Captain Insano Role Before AEW Retirement

"All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star, Paul Wight, renowned for his larger-than-life character 'Captain Insano' from the 1998 comedy "The Waterboy," has announced his intent to pen a book chronicling his illustrious career in professional wrestling, which spans nearly three decades.

However, fans will have to wait until he officially hangs up his boots to delve into his memoirs. More captivatingly, Wight expressed his desire to further explore his Captain Insano character before his final farewell. In a Twitter exchange with an eager fan, Wight revealed his plans for a post-retirement book and an enjoyable exploration of Captain Insano.

This character, adored by the main character Bobby Boucher (played by Adam Sandler) in "The Waterboy," has already marked his territory in AEW. Wight, in his Captain Insano avatar, made a memorable appearance in the music video for The Acclaimed's "A Hand for a Hand," which premiered during the November 16 edition of AEW's flagship show "Dynamite."

Wight's Remarkable AEW Journey

Wight, an industry veteran, joined AEW in February 2021 after a long tenure with WWE, and since then, he has left an indelible impact.

His debut match with AEW saw him triumph over QT Marshall at the renowned AEW All Out on September 5, 2021. Additionally, Wight has not only been a wrestler in the AEW ring but also served as a commentator for "Dark: Elevation." His last match, where he emerged victorious against Austin Green, was on the April 4, 2022 edition of "AEW Dark: Elevation," finishing in just over two minutes.

Despite his dynamic contributions to AEW, Wight has had his share of challenges. Earlier this year, he underwent knee surgery that resulted in an 11-week period confined to a wheelchair. In a revealing interview with the "Metro UK," he confirmed the implantation of a "brand new titanium joint" that's built to last for 35 years.

This operation followed previous struggles with hip-related issues. As Wight's retirement looms, the professional wrestling world anticipates more 'Captain Insano' moments. However, his imminent departure also brings a promise of an intriguing book offering an intimate look into his long and impressive wrestling career."

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