Satoshi Kojima Reflects on CM Punk Clash at AEW X NJPW Event


Satoshi Kojima Reflects on CM Punk Clash at AEW X NJPW Event

The world of wrestling witnessed a unique clash on Sunday night at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event where legendary Japanese wrestler Satoshi Kojima, instead of the expected KENTA, took on CM Punk in a thrilling match of the Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament.

Though Kojima didn't emerge victorious, his series of tweets on Monday vividly conveyed his heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity and his esteemed opponent. In a surprising reflection, Kojima queried on Twitter, "Why did the company decide to match me with Punk?" Unfazed by the unexpected pairing, he added, "The important thing is that my experience has improved.

I am honored to continue this job. Thanks, Punk-san." AEW President Tony Khan retorted with a sweet gesture, a GIF from "The Mandalorian" that stated, "Because you're a legend!" Kojima, ever so gracious, replied, "Thank you for giving me a happy time.

I am grateful."

Kojima Lauds Punk's Charisma

Eminent at 52, Kojima did not hesitate to shower praise on his opponent Punk. He described Punk as charismatic and said, "His appearance was charismatic. I stared at him dumbfounded for a while.

He had great energy." Kojima, a two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion, gave "The Best in the World" a tough competition on Sunday before ultimately succumbing to the GTS following roughly 15 minutes of exhilarating in-ring performance.

However, he didn't forget to apologize for an accidental elbow drop to Punk's nether region - an incident fans will remember for some time. Khan again lavished praise on Kojima for his appearance and excellent performance in the match.

Expressing his gratitude in a slightly unconventional manner, Khan used seven emojis that comprised five smiley faces, a loaf of bread, and a single heart. This bout marked Kojima's second match with AEW; his first was against Jon Moxley at All Out in September 2021, where he didn't claim victory.

However, the experience and gratitude he gained from these matches undeniably speak volumes about his resilient spirit and undying passion for wrestling.

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