Nick Aldis Speaks About Cody Rhodes Helping Him


Nick Aldis Speaks About Cody Rhodes Helping Him
Nick Aldis Speaks About Cody Rhodes Helping Him

In the past, we have seen many wrestling rivalries catapult wrestlers to the top of a promotion. For example, Sting’s rivalry with Ric Flair helped Sting become one of the most famous wrestlers in the world. There are only a handful of wrestlers that wish to help other wrestlers reach the top of a promotion though.

Nick Aldis Talks About How Cody Rhodes Helped HIs Career

In 2018, Nick Aldis had a memorable rivalry with WWE star Cody Rhodes. Their rivalry was a focal point of All In in 2018. This was the show that eventually led to the creation of All Elite Wrestling, the promotion that many people believed will dethrone the WWE as the top wrestling promotion in the world.

Cody and Nick fought for the NWA World Heavyweight Title that night. Cody managed to win the title. According to Nick, that rivalry helped his career. Even though he is not a top name in the wrestling world right now, he has a set of fans.

"I'm also grateful to [Rhodes] because by working with him, it helped my cache. We were one of those rare situations where, and again it's a testament to how we both look at the business and we're traditionalists, we came out of our rivalry with each other both better off," Aldis said, "It didn't just benefit him by getting to have the big win on this big show and winning the title that his father had held.

It also did a lot for me because then by the time we got there, people were like, 'Man this guy is the real deal, this guy is different. This guy is special, and he does feel like a credible antagonist and a credible adversary for this guy who we really want to see win.

But we don't know for sure.' That is The Sweet Spot of booking. We really want this guy to win, but we don't know for sure that it's going to happen. That's a testament to the other guy." After Cody won the NWA World Heavyweight Title, Nick met him in the ring about a month later.

It was Nick who managed to win this time and take away the NWA World Heavyweight Title from Cody. After the match, Cody went on to become one of AEW’s founding members and Executive Vice Presidents. Nick worked for NWA and different wrestling promotions after that. Cody is a WWE wrestler right now.

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