AEW Hires Veteran ECW Champion

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AEW Hires Veteran ECW Champion

All Elite Wrestling is a brand new wrestling promotion that is backed by billionaire Shahid Khan. Some people believe that they will be able to take over the wrestling world and dethrone the WWE as the number 1 wrestling promotion of the world.

For many years, the WWE has ruled the wrestling world. No other promotion has been able to match the WWE in anything. The company can generate millions of dollars every year, and has some of the best wrestlers of the world working for them.

All Elite Wrestling is extremely busy in hiring the best people from the wrestling industry. Recently, they signed former ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn. Lynn will work as a coach for AEW. Lynn took to twitter to say that he is happy to be part of the AEW: "I'm privileged to be a part of AEW!!!" We do not know about the other coaches that will work for AEW.

We do know the names of some of the producer that will work for them though. Lynn might end up performing similar duties to that of Christopher Daniels, Keith Mitchell and BJ Whitmer. Lynn has spent nearly 30+ years in the wrestling business.

He has worked for ECW, WWE, WCW, TNA and ROH. He also worked for a few not so famous wrestling promotions. AEW wrote on Twitter: “Welcome to the team [email protected] is #AllElite”