Lucha Underground Star to AEW?

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Lucha Underground Star to AEW?

Angelico is a former Lucha Underground star. According to the Pro Wrestling Sheet, the star has signed with All Elite Wrestling. It is expected that AEW will announce about the new singing soon. According to reports, the WWE was also interested in signing Angelico, but they wanted him to work for the NXT brand.

The WWE however, did not want to enter a bidding war with AEW, even though the WWE was interested in signing him for quite a long time. Angelico stated that he received an offer from the WWE way back in 2014, before he joined Lucha Underground.

He spoke about that to Metro in 2017. "I can't really talk about the details, but there was contact made by WWE before we signed with Lucha Underground in 2014 to both me and Jack," Angelico said. "We talked it over and decided at that time that Lucha Underground were going to take the risk with it because we really believed in the project.

We also had the mentality that if WWE were interested in us in 2014 and if every year we're still getting better as individuals and as a tag-team, why wouldn't they still want us a few years later a few years on”. AEW must have had a really good offer for Angelico and that is why the WWE just let AEW take him.