Sobic: Early Pitch for AEW Fight Forever was Smooth

Unveiling the story behind AEW's groundbreaking gaming venture.

by Noman Rasool
Sobic: Early Pitch for AEW Fight Forever was Smooth

In a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, the Senior Vice President of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Nik Sobic, shed light on the behind-the-scenes genesis of the company's venture into the video game industry, "AEW Fight Forever." Interestingly, he divulged that the proposition for this groundbreaking initiative was presented to AEW's founder, Tony Khan, right at the onset of the company's inception.

AEW Fight Forever's Inception

Sobic, the pioneering employee of AEW, narrated how the journey started. "The creation of AEW and AEW Fight Forever were events separated by a single day. Tony Khan launched AEW on day one and, on the very next day, he was propositioned for the AEW Fight Forever project.

To get things rolling, we invested significantly in the company. We then had the audacity to revisit Tony on the second day, seeking an additional infusion of funds to bring this video game to life," he explained. Praising Khan's methodical and analytical mindset, Sobic commented, "The beauty of Tony lies in his strategic thinking rather than impulsive decision-making.

He considers data and high-level strategy. We just had to lay our case out clearly, highlighting a clear void in the market that a game like ours could fill."
He emphasized that the core fanbase of AEW harbors a strong passion for video games.

This fact, coupled with the expressed desire of fans on social media for an alternative to WWE's game offerings, contributed significantly to the ease of making the pitch. "When you consider our audience's affinity for video games, along with the online sentiment and the kind of game people have been craving, it's clear that this project has been 20 years in the making.

People have been eagerly anticipating a game like this for a long time," said Sobic. The successful pitch translated into tangible results. He concluded, "This initial proposition might have been easy, but it proved fruitful.

Now, three and a half years later, we stand ready with a fully-developed video game set to revolutionize the industry."