Christian Cage's Candid Response to Edge Fan Comparisons: Breaking the Silence


Christian Cage's Candid Response to Edge Fan Comparisons: Breaking the Silence
Christian Cage's Candid Response to Edge Fan Comparisons: Breaking the Silence

AEW star Christian Cage recently opened up about his profound connection with WWE Superstar Edge and addressed the question of whether he felt bothered by fans favoring The Rated-R Superstar over him. Having shared a remarkable journey together, Christian Cage and Edge formed one of the most adored tag teams in WWE during the early 2000s.

Their electrifying matches against legendary duos such as the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz solidified their position as one of the greatest tag teams in the history of professional wrestling. Together, they clinched an impressive seven tag team titles.

In a recent appearance on the Swerve City Podcast, Christian Cage delved into the enduring friendship he shares with Edge and the unwavering support they have provided each other throughout their respective careers. When asked about his reaction to fans constantly comparing the two, Cage revealed his indifference and stated that such comments had never bothered him.

He expressed that their relationship remained unaffected by the influence of social media, highlighting the strength of their bond.

Enduring Brotherly Bond in Wrestling

Cage further emphasized the closeness they developed during their early days in wrestling, referring to Edge as more of a family member than just a friend.

Recalling their shared experiences, he mentioned how Edge would often stay over at his house on weekends, and their doors were always open to each other. This solid foundation nurtured a lifelong connection and transformed them into brothers rather than mere friends.

Despite their individual career paths leading them to different wrestling promotions, Christian Cage and Edge's unbreakable bond endures. While reminiscing about their careers, Cage also discussed the ladder match that defined both his and Edge's journeys, as well as their rivalry with the Hardy Boyz.

He revealed that their inspiration stemmed from the iconic ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 10. The trio, including the Hardy Boyz, contemplated the possibility of replicating the ladder match concept in a tag team setting, considering it as their initial pitch for an innovative idea.

Additionally, they even entertained the idea of a Best of Seven series with Matt and Jeff Hardy, culminating in a thrilling ladder match. Fans eagerly await to see if these two exceptional talents will reunite in the squared circle in the foreseeable future.

The remarkable camaraderie and shared history between Christian Cage and Edge make their potential reunion an enticing prospect for fans across the wrestling world.

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