Adam Cole Speaks About Promo Battle with MJF


Adam Cole Speaks About Promo Battle with MJF
Adam Cole Speaks About Promo Battle with MJF

In the world of professional wrestling, performing well in the ring is simply not enough. Most wrestlers that are popular in the world today are also great at cutting promos which help sell fights or PPV events. There are many wrestlers that are popular in the world right now due to their excellent mic skills.

The most successful wrestlers are the ones that have good mic skills and can also perform well in the ring.

Adam Cole Talks About Why MJF Segments are Important For Him

Adam Cole recently spoke about how important it was for him to feud with MJF, who is considered by many to be the best person on the mic right now.

Adam Cole is a former NXT Wrestler and won the NXT title while he was there. After joining AEW, Adam has been part of many feuds. However, this is the first time we have seen him fight for a major title in AEW. For most AEW wrestlers, cutting a promo with MJF is a serious challenge.

Adam took his confrontation with MJF very seriously as winning a promo battle from him is no easy task. He spoke about his confrontation with MJF on “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”. "There was a lot of excitement going into this.

I don't know if intimidation is the right word, but it very much felt like a sink-or-swim type of situation for me, which is really exciting," he said. Adam revealed that he believes MJF is one of the best professional wrestlers on the mic in the world.

Adam surprised a huge number of fans by holding his own against MJF on the mic on several occasions. The AEW Audience seems to believe that Adam is a genuine threat to MJF and his popularity. Adam revealed that he was nervous about being in the right with MJF and he wanted to prove himself that he can go up against the best person on the mic in AEW right now.

"Either people are going to think I can hang with him or people are going to think he ate me alive, and I love that feeling of going out there and going, 'Oh god, we will see how this goes,'" he said. "It was really exciting for me actually, to be tested in that way and just to be able to show I'll go toe to toe with anybody on the microphone, so it was very, very exciting for me."

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