Bully Ray Hesitates to Label Omega-Ospreay 2023 'Masterpiece


Bully Ray Hesitates to Label Omega-Ospreay 2023 'Masterpiece

The recent AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door bout featuring Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay is making waves across the wrestling community. Many fans are hailing it as a contemporary classic. However, professional wrestling veteran and "Busted Open Radio" co-host, Bully Ray, while acknowledging the match's merits, has refrained from declaring it a "masterpiece." During his stint on the SiriusXM radio show, Bully dissected his perspective on the match, highlighting what he perceived as a misstep.

He equated the flaw to a blemish on the Mona Lisa, stating, "Something occurred during the bout that, for me, disrupted the harmony akin to spotting an anomaly on the Mona Lisa."

Callis' Involvement Controversy

Bully Ray's main contention revolved around the questionable involvement of Don Callis in the latter stages of the match.

He compared this to the preceding contest where Saraya and Ruby Soho were ejected from ringside, establishing a contradictory narrative in his eyes. Explaining his frustration, Bully Ray lamented, "Don Callis, after being ejected, returns to the ring after a mere 20 minutes.

What action does the referee take? None." This nonchalant response, Bully Ray emphasized, was a significant detractor from the overall quality of the match. To provide further clarity, Bully argued that referee Paul Turner should have initiated a disqualification threat when Callis returned.

The failure to enforce such an essential rule was, in his view, a detrimental break in the narrative. This, he believes, distracted the audience from the match itself, forcing their attention towards the referee's lack of enforcement.

Bully Ray also underscored that Callis's physical interference post-ejection further amplified this narrative discord, challenging the authority and credibility of the referee. He argued, "This blatant disregard for logic undermines the credibility of the referee, an essential character who they'd worked so hard to establish." Despite these criticisms, Bully Ray asserted his appreciation for the bout.

However, he could not help but express disappointment in the context of his earlier comparison with the Mona Lisa. "I wanted to equate the match to one of the finest works of art known to humanity, but I couldn't," Bully lamented.

This was primarily due to the perceived disregard for maintaining the referee's credibility by AEW. When asked by co-host Dave LaGreca about his rating for the match, Bully responded promptly with a "nine." He elaborated, "I wanted to liken it to the Mona Lisa, an exemplar of artistic excellence.

It was almost there, providing everything I'd expected." He appreciated both Omega and Ospreay's performance, but the problematic intrusion of Callis left the match just shy of perfection in Bully Ray's eyes.

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