Kevin Nash: CM Punk Microphone Flag Incident in AEW Collision Not a Big Deal


Kevin Nash: CM Punk Microphone Flag Incident in AEW Collision Not a Big Deal

In the whirlwind of CM Punk's highly anticipated return to AEW on "AEW Collision," one particular moment has caught the attention of fans and pundits alike - the removal of the AEW flag from Punk's microphone during his return promo.

While the incident may seem relatively minor in the grand scheme of Punk's recent actions, including his high-profile matches against notable opponents, it has sparked discussions among wrestling enthusiasts. Weighing in on the matter is WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, a figure closely associated with Punk due to a memorable storyline involving Punk's sister in the past.

During a recent episode of "Kliq This," Nash offered his perspective on Punk's decision to remove the microphone flag. Nash revealed that he, too, had often removed such flags during his time in WCW. He explained his disdain for the accessory, expressing a personal dislike for its presence on the microphone.

Nash clarified that his actions were not driven by a desire to exert any form of power as a non-affiliated talent but rather stemmed from a simple desire to eliminate the distracting element. Drawing a parallel, he asked rhetorically whether the lead singer of a band performing onstage would have "Ticketmaster" written on their microphone.

Punk Shifts Focus, Awaits Owen Hart Cup Winner

It appears that Punk's concerns about microphone flags have taken a backseat as he immerses himself in his current AEW endeavors. With his focus on larger goals, Punk has set his sights on the highly prestigious Owen Hart Cup Tournament.

Advancing to the semi-finals, Punk awaits the winner of the forthcoming quarterfinal matchup between Samoa Joe and Roderick Strong, intensifying anticipation surrounding his next opponent. While the removal of the microphone flag may not hold monumental significance in the larger context of Punk's return, it has spurred conversations and debates among wrestling enthusiasts.

As Punk continues to make his mark in AEW, his actions and decisions will undoubtedly be scrutinized and analyzed by fans, veterans, and industry insiders alike, cementing his place as one of the most intriguing figures in professional wrestling.

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