The WWE Cancels Title Match

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The WWE Cancels Title Match

These days, the wrestling world is all about the WWE vs. AEW. The WWE is changing its program all over the world to make sure that its stars stay away from the WWE as far as possible. At Stardom, Toni Storm appeared which happened this past weekend.

Toni Storm was the winner of the 2018 Mae Young Classic. She was going to wrestle Bea Priestley in an effort to continue her momentum on the 16th of May at the Korakuen Hall. Bea was successful in winning the World of Stardom Title.

Stardom later announced that the match will not be happening. This is what they wrote on Twitter: “For the upcoming Korakuen Hall show on May 16, the previously announced match between Toni Storm and Bea Priestley will not take place due to circumstances beyond our control.

Thank you for undestanding”. In the past, the WWE had issues with its WWE U.K. talent appearing for other promotions. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that WWE wanted the match to not happen. This is because Bea will be part of AEW and the WWE does not their top UK superstar to lose to someone who might end up with All Elite Wrestling as some point. Bea was eventually going to win the match so the WWE was worried about the backlash that may have occurred due to it.