Bully Ray Advice for AEW: Maximizing Eddie Kingston's Potential


Bully Ray Advice for AEW: Maximizing Eddie Kingston's Potential

In the aftermath of AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door, Bully Ray, the seasoned wrestling veteran, showered praise upon Eddie Kingston and offered some valuable advice to AEW President Tony Khan. During a segment on "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray emphasized the need for Khan to acknowledge the enormous talent possessed by Kingston and to heed the fervent support of the fans.

Listen to the Fans: Eddie Kingston, AEW's Standout Star

Bully Ray began by urging Khan to lend an ear to the people, highlighting the resounding chants of over 15,000 spectators specifically directed at Eddie Kingston during the event.

He emphasized that Eddie Kingston is the standout star, the one whom Khan should focus on. While acknowledging the incredible abilities of Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho as outstanding wrestlers and sports entertainers, Bully Ray contended that Kingston is the embodiment of authenticity—reminiscent of legends like Dusty Rhodes or Terry Funk.

What truly captivates Bully Ray about Kingston is his genuine disdain for his adversaries. Whether it's Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, or the Young Bucks, Bully Ray sees a level of emotional investment in Kingston that resonates with the audience.

He pleaded with Tony Khan to make the most of this captivating quality and to feature Kingston prominently in AEW programming. Delving further into his analysis, Bully Ray discussed the need for compelling heels who can challenge and push Kingston to his mental limits.

However, he expressed his belief that AEW currently lacks the presence of such "super heels." Bully Ray dismissed the notion of Jon Moxley as a full-fledged heel, arguing that he doesn't truly embody the role, while regarding MJF as too quick-witted to be Kingston's ideal antagonist.

Bully Ray outlined the ideal scenario—an adversary who could surprise the audience, making them exclaim, "Whoa! I didn't expect this person to breathe down Eddie's neck and say these things." Moreover, he emphasized the importance of physicality, envisioning a situation where Kingston is figuratively and physically beaten down, unable to rise due to his battered state.

In conclusion, Bully Ray's words carry the weight of experience and a deep understanding of the wrestling industry. He implored Tony Khan to recognize Eddie Kingston's tremendous potential, harness his authenticity, and craft compelling storylines that fully showcase his abilities. By doing so, AEW can further elevate Kingston as a captivating and emotionally engaging star within the promotion.

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