Kurt Angle Criticizes WWE Underutilization of AEW Superstar

Kurt Angle shares candid thoughts on Samoa Joe's wrestling journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
Kurt Angle Criticizes WWE Underutilization of AEW Superstar

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently shared his thoughts on the career of AEW star Samoa Joe, expressing his belief that WWE could have done more with the talented wrestler. Angle and Joe had a memorable feud during their time in TNA, with Angle being the one to end Joe's impressive undefeated streak.

After leaving TNA, Joe joined WWE in 2015 and initially made his mark on the NXT brand. He held the NXT Championship three times during various spells. However, his success on the main roster was limited to two reigns as the United States Champion.

Despite his potential, Joe was unexpectedly released by the company in April 2021. He was rehired by Triple H and brought back to NXT but was let go for a second time in January 2022, along with other NXT personnel. In April 2022, Samoa Joe made his debut for Ring of Honor (ROH) at Supercard of Honor and subsequently became a competitor in both ROH and AEW.

He is set to face off against his old rival CM Punk in the semi-finals of the men's Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Angle Reflects on Samoa Joe's Missed Potential

During an episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle discussed Samoa Joe's career trajectory, emphasizing that he believes Joe was utilized effectively in TNA at the beginning, but his value significantly dropped after losing his undefeated streak to Angle.

He expressed disappointment that Joe's level never reached the same heights again. Regarding Joe's tenure in WWE, Angle believed that the company could have done more to capitalize on his immense talent. Angle acknowledged that WWE did give Joe significant opportunities, but he felt that there was untapped potential, including the possibility of Joe becoming WWE Champion.

Angle also mentioned that he admired Joe's unique look and believed that diversity in appearance should be embraced in the industry. Angle's comments shed light on the perception that WWE may have missed an opportunity to fully showcase Samoa Joe's abilities and elevate him to a higher status within the company.

Despite Joe's subsequent success in AEW and ROH, Angle's remarks reflect his genuine belief that Joe deserved more recognition and championship opportunities during his time in WWE.

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