Jeff Jarrett's Appreciation for AEW's 'Sweat Equity' in Fight Forever Game


Jeff Jarrett's Appreciation for AEW's 'Sweat Equity' in Fight Forever Game
Jeff Jarrett's Appreciation for AEW's 'Sweat Equity' in Fight Forever Game

Jeff Jarrett, known as "The Last Outlaw," has always been perceived as someone who prioritizes his own success and financial gains when he steps inside an AEW ring. However, behind the scenes as AEW's Director of Business Development, Jarrett's focus shifts towards growing the company's brand in various avenues.

One such area of significance has been the expansion into console gaming, which has been a longstanding goal for the promotion. Recently, during an episode of his podcast "My World," Jarrett shared his enthusiasm for the newly released video game, "AEW: Fight Forever," and the immense effort invested in its development.

Drawing parallels to TNA's entry into the gaming world, Jarrett conveyed his excitement despite not having the same level of familiarity with gaming as individuals like Aubrey Edwards or passionate fans like Adam Cole, Evil Uno, and Miro.

The Hall of Famer expressed his appreciation for the hard work and dedication displayed by the talent involved, acknowledging the "sweat equity" poured into the game, particularly highlighting Kenny Omega's contributions.

Jarrett recognized the game's significance as a major milestone in the licensing realm and celebrated the efforts of the original members of AEW who have persevered through challenges since the promotion's inception.

Fan-Favorite "Fight Forever" Game Exceeds Expectations

Since its launch on June 29, "Fight Forever" has received enthusiastic support from fans who have immersed themselves in the game.

While some fans have expressed disappointment over certain roster omissions, the inclusion of a Create-A-Wrestler mode has partially assuaged these concerns, providing players with the flexibility to tailor their own experiences.

The release of additional downloadable content (DLC) in the future is anticipated, further enhancing the game's offerings. Jarrett's admiration for the "Fight Forever" video game reflects not only his personal excitement but also the collective sentiment within AEW.

This milestone marks the promotion's entry into the gaming world and serves as a testament to the perseverance and dedication of the entire AEW team. As the game continues to captivate fans and evolve through future updates, it solidifies AEW's presence and influence in the gaming industry, paving the way for future releases that will further amplify the brand's reach and impact.

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