AEW Stars Name Top Playable Characters in 'AEW: Fight Forever'

AEW's star wrestlers dive deep into 'Fight Forever' gameplay.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Stars Name Top Playable Characters in 'AEW: Fight Forever'

The much-anticipated "Fight Forever," a video game by All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has finally hit the gaming market after years of dedicated development. AEW's top stars have been eager to share their insights on the game, their favorite playable characters, and their experiences with navigating through various game modes.

During an exclusive talk on the podcast "AEW Unrestricted," hosted by Aubrey Edwards, renowned wrestlers Adam Cole and Evil Uno let fans in on their favorite characters and their initial impressions of the game. Evil Uno, a well-established name in the wrestling world, shared his unique experience of playing the game.

He confessed to immediately choosing John Silver as his preferred character. "The instant I accessed the game, I played as John Silver - my buddy and fellow Dark Order member," he explained. Uno described how entertaining it was to portray his friends in the game and familiarize himself with their intricate moves.

He voiced his astonishment at the game's meticulous attention to detail, relishing the surprise elements encountered throughout the game.

Uno's Favorites: Familiar Faces

Furthermore, Uno admitted to having a soft spot for Chuck Taylor, a fellow wrestler he's been acquainted with for nearly two decades.

His gaming experience is enhanced by the familiarity and shared history he has with many characters in the game. On the other hand, Adam Cole revealed a preference for playing as the women's wrestler, Dr. Britt Baker. Jokingly, he clarified that his character came a close second to Baker's, much to Edwards' amusement.

As it turns out, Baker is Cole's girlfriend in real life, which added a dash of humor to the conversation. Cole, on a serious note, praised the game for its authentic portrayal of the wrestlers and their signature moves. He seemed highly impressed by the consistent surprises he came across in the game's match sequences.

He specifically mentioned a tiny detail in a brief clip of a match between his character and Kenny Omega in "Fight Forever." The attention to such minute details, according to Cole, is what truly sets the game apart.