Bully Ray Holds Tony Khan Accountable for AEW Risky Moves


Bully Ray Holds Tony Khan Accountable for AEW Risky Moves

This past week’s All Elite Wrestling (AEW) events, including the Forbidden Door pay-per-view and Wednesday night's episode of "AEW Dynamite", have been dominated by dramatic and risky stunts, particularly Will Ospreay's Tiger Driver '91 on Kenny Omega and Sting's daredevil leap off a ladder, crashing Sammy Guevara through a table.

These alarming moves have sparked renewed conversations about the safety standards within AEW. During a recent "Busted Open Radio" episode on SiriusXM, the topic of responsibility for these perilous performances was broached.

Co-host Bully Ray, a seasoned wrestler known for his participation in dangerous matches, asserted that the final accountability lies with AEW CEO Tony Khan.

Bully Ray Backs Risky Stunts

When asked by fellow host Dave LaGreca if he would allow the aforementioned Sting stunt under his supervision, Bully Ray affirmed, "Absolutely.

I'd let him do it off a higher ladder, even. Through nine tables. Do whatever you want! You're an independent contractor and you're here to entertain. You've been in this industry long enough to know the boundary between excitement and safety.

However, we mustn't forget that this is Tony Khan's company, and any mishap inside that ring will inevitably trace back to him." Continuing his argument, Bully Ray elaborated on Khan's crucial role, "If Tony gets word that Sting plans to perform a highly risky stunt, one where the danger outweighs the anticipated crowd reaction, and could result in severe injury? It's then Tony's duty to intervene and initiate a discussion with Sting regarding his planned move.

If he deems the stunt too hazardous, it falls to him to voice his concerns, prioritizing Sting's wellbeing." Reflecting on his past experiences, Bully Ray reminisced about WrestleMania 19, when Vince McMahon sought his advice on how Shawn Michaels could mimic a risky move that Bully Ray had previously executed in numerous TLC matches.

Drawing a parallel, Bully Ray emphasized that he would have offered specific advice on the Sting stunt too, suggesting that Guevara should have positioned himself on the second of the two tables Sting had set up, rather than straddling both.

His insights underline the importance of consultation and careful planning in wrestling, and further highlight Khan's pivotal role in ensuring performers' safety.

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