Flip Gordon Shuns Major Wrestling Deals; No Current AEW Outreach

Exploring Flip Gordon's recent revelations on his wrestling journey.

by Noman Rasool
Flip Gordon Shuns Major Wrestling Deals; No Current AEW Outreach

Recently, the former Ring of Honor (ROH) star, Flip Gordon, shared his innermost thoughts and future aspirations within the pro-wrestling realm during an insightful conversation with Piers Austin. In the illuminating exchange, Gordon voiced his sentiments about possibly joining a major wrestling company, his reason for bypassing the WWE developmental, as well as speculations about any interactions with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Gordon's Post-ROH Independence

Gordon cleared the air about his post-ROH journey, pointing out that neither AEW nor ROH had reached out to him after his release, just before Tony Khan acquired the latter. Despite this, Gordon emphasized that he had not initiated contact either.

For him, a company should exhibit their interest first, a trend that has been consistent throughout his career. He candidly expressed his current lack of interest in wrestling for television, preferring instead to focus on self-discovery, experimentation, and honing his skills within the ring, an endeavor he finds immensely gratifying.

Regarding potential contracts, Gordon voiced his preference for short-term, handshake agreements over binding, long-term contracts. He believes such arrangements allow him the flexibility to pursue his goals unrestricted. Gordon would rather tell stories and deliver fantastic matches for a short span of time than be tied to a multi-year contract that may limit his creativity and screen time.

He emphasized the importance of a well-structured plan, noting that without one, he would prefer to continue thriving in the independent wrestling scene, where he can create his own schedule and avoid the disappointment of being sidelined.

Gordon revealed a calm patience when it came to future opportunities. He sees no urgency in joining any specific brand and expressed contentment in not having chosen the typical WWE route. His ultimate goal is to thoroughly enjoy his wrestling journey, constantly improving his craft, and maintaining his happiness.

He's open to accept any enticing offer that comes his way, but if none does, it's not a major concern. Gordon finds immense pleasure in doing what he loves – wrestling. With an unwavering focus on his personal growth and an open-minded approach towards future opportunities, Gordon remains an intriguing figure in the pro-wrestling sphere.