Dax Harwood Responds to J. Coachman's Critique of AEW Collision


Dax Harwood Responds to J. Coachman's Critique of AEW Collision
Dax Harwood Responds to J. Coachman's Critique of AEW Collision

Yesterday, the professional wrestling community witnessed a verbal duel as former WWE commentator and ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman publicly criticized the latest TV ratings for "AEW Collision," as well as its fans. Not surprisingly, his dismissive commentary ignited a hailstorm of responses.

One of the most significant rebuttals came from Dax Harwood, a prominent figure who has been part of the 'Collision's' lineup since its inaugural week. Dax Harwood, known for his outspoken nature and never one to shy away from a confrontation, chose the microblogging platform Twitter to voice his fiery counterargument.

He passionately defended the work he and the rest of the AEW team have been putting into building 'Collision' from the ground up. Harwood acknowledged the reality that 'Collision' might not instantly succeed and he even invited Coachman to point out if the show's ratings continue to falter.

Despite the potential for failure, he pleaded with Coachman and other skeptics to give 'Collision' a fair chance. Harwood assured them that he and the entire AEW roster are dedicated to creating content that would make their fans proud.

Champions Undeterred Amid Criticism

Jonathan Coachman, however, remained silent regarding his stance on the show's future. He did not clarify how much longer he might be willing to wait before writing off 'Collision.' Nevertheless, Dax Harwood, along with his FTR partner, Cash Wheeler, have chosen to continue their journey undeterred by the criticism.

As the reigning AEW World Tag Team Champions, they are set to face off against Jay White and Juice Robinson from Bullet Club Gold in an intense Title Eliminator Match this Saturday night. This bout carries significant stakes as a victory for White and Robinson would grant them an opportunity to compete for the prestigious tag team title.

In the face of criticism and the risk of failure, Harwood's commitment to 'Collision' and his fans serves as a testament to his dedication. His appeal to critics to give the show a fair chance underscores the importance of patience in building a successful franchise and the spirit of resilience inherent in professional wrestling.

It remains to be seen how 'Collision' fares in the ratings war moving forward, but one thing is clear: Harwood and his team are not backing down without a fight.

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