Malakai Black Exclusive Commitment: AEW Collision's Magnetic Pull


Malakai Black Exclusive Commitment: AEW Collision's Magnetic Pull

Since its premiere on June 17, Malakai Black and his House of Black stablemates, consisting of Julia Hart, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King, have firmly planted their roots in "AEW Collision." Although All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has yet to implement a formal brand split, it has become apparent that Black will be dedicating himself exclusively to the "Collision" show going forward.

During an engaging interview on "The Undisputed Podcast" with Bobby Fish, Black confirmed his decision to work solely on "Collision" in the foreseeable future. The AEW World Trios Champion, Black, has a legitimate and compelling reason for opting for the Saturday show over "AEW Dynamite" or "AEW Rampage."

Saturday Nights: The Exclusive Home

Expressing his intentions, Black stated, "I requested to be strictly on Collision.

Because I don't want people to have the choice. I want them to know that Saturday night is when they get to witness The House of Black. That's what I aimed for. If I give you the option for Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, you're going to think, 'It doesn't really matter.'

" In recent weeks, tensions have escalated between Black and his group and Andrade El Idolo, who made his return to AEW on the inaugural episode of "Collision." Presently, the heel faction has gained possession of El Idolo's mask, intensifying the desire for its retrieval.

All indications point towards an impending clash between Black and El Idolo, but intriguingly, Black has yet to participate in a complete match since joining the "Collision" roster. With Black's exclusive commitment to "AEW Collision," fans can expect an unswerving dedication to delivering his enigmatic persona and captivating in-ring performances on Saturday nights.

As the ongoing rivalry with El Idolo escalates, the anticipation for their eventual encounter continues to grow, heightening the intrigue surrounding Black's presence on "Collision." By exclusively aligning himself with "AEW Collision," Malakai Black has embraced the magnetic pull of the Saturday show, ensuring that fans have a guaranteed slot to experience the enigmatic allure of The House of Black.

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