Thunder Rosa's Injury Update: Doc Sampson Provides Timetable for In-Ring Return

Thunder Rosa's Rehabilitation Progress: A Promising Update Emerges

by Noman Rasool
Thunder Rosa's Injury Update: Doc Sampson Provides Timetable for In-Ring Return

In a series of setbacks that forced her to relinquish the women's championship during her impressive reign, superstar Thunder Rosa has been sidelined from action since the autumn of 2022 due to a persistent back injury. However, the latest episode of Rosa's blog brought forth a glimmer of hope as AEW physician Doc Sampson shed light on her current condition and provided an update on her road to recovery.

The arduous journey toward rehabilitation has not been without its challenges. Doc Sampson revealed that thorough examinations, including the study of recent MRIs, have confirmed the presence of underlying issues in Rosa's lower back, specifically in the L4 and L5 regions.

Nonetheless, there is cause for optimism as her progress thus far has been commendable, with minimal pain experienced during the treatment process.

Sequenced Recovery: Monitoring Rosa's Progress

Sampson emphasized the importance of a carefully sequenced approach, incrementally pushing Rosa's weekly recovery limits.

The objective is to strike a delicate balance between progress and precaution, where advancements are made without exacerbating the existing condition. Over the next four to six weeks, Rosa's response to the treatment will be closely monitored, providing valuable insights into her overall well-being and readiness for a return to the squared circle.

While the desired timeframe for Thunder Rosa's comeback is around six weeks, Doc Sampson reiterated that the paramount concern remains to prevent further deterioration or aggravation of her back injury. Protecting her long-term health and ensuring a sustainable recovery take precedence over expediting her return to the ring.

The medical team will continue to employ measures that facilitate her improvement and shield her from potential setbacks. As Thunder Rosa continues her dedicated efforts toward recovery, her legion of fans eagerly awaits her comeback, rallying behind her every step.

Although the path may be challenging, Rosa's determination and the support of the AEW medical team provide hope for a future where she can once again grace the wrestling world with her undeniable talent and resilience.

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