Matt Hardy Speaking About Wrestling Receipts


Matt Hardy Speaking About Wrestling Receipts
Matt Hardy Speaking About Wrestling Receipts

In the professional wrestling world, wrestlers have to earn the respect of their peers. Usually, the wrestlers that performed very well in the ring were often given more respect than those that did not. However, there were a few wrestlers that were respected by everyone backstage, simply due to their seniority.

These days, things have changed. Due to social media, wrestlers can earn respect even if they do not perform very well, or have years of experience.

Matt Hardy Talks About Never Giving a Receipt to Anyone

AEW star Matt Hardy recently spoke about the ‘Honor System’ that not many wrestlers speak openly about.

Matt Hardy spoke about receipts while touching on his fights with APA. APA consisted of Farooq and Bradshaw. According to Hardy, he has never given anyone a receipt. "I've never actually given anyone a receipt," Hardy stated. "There have been times when I've realized that I need to fight back.

There was a time when we were working with The Acolytes, and they were beating the s’t out of us. They dropped the titles to us, we were the tag team champions, and we worked a couple of times after that, and I'm like, 'Holy s’t, they can have these titles back.

We're in the record books — I'm good.' " Hardy also revealed that old-timers would tee off on newcomers quite often. Some people believe that old timers do this to either assert their dominance, or they simply want to push the newcomers to their limits.

In any case, Hardy revealed that the APA members would get extremely physical with The Hardy Boyz in the ring. Matt Hardy stated that he had to stand up for himself to earn the respect of the APA members, who were his seniors at the time.

He recalled that he spoke to Jeff Hardy about the beatings that they used to take during matches against the APA. "I was like, 'I don't know how much longer I can take this. This is like abusive!'" Hardy recalled. "And then when were in there, Bradshaw beat me down in the corner.

I remember beating him as hard as I could in the face, and the next thing I had was just a very soft [jab to the face]. "So, it's one of those things where the old-timers — where guys would beat you up and take advantage of you ... until you didn't let them. Until, like, you stood up for yourself. I think that was kind of a case of that."

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