AEW All In Poised to Break Paid Wrestling Show Attendance Record


AEW All In Poised to Break Paid Wrestling Show Attendance Record
AEW All In Poised to Break Paid Wrestling Show Attendance Record

As we approach a milestone in the world of wrestling, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is in full preparation to stage one of the most anticipated shows in wrestling history next month, namely AEW All In. Industry expert Dave Meltzer, in his most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, shares a tantalizing prospect: the upcoming show could potentially eclipse the standing "verified attendance" record, set by WWE WrestleMania 32 in 2016.

AEW, showing its formidable presence in the wrestling world, has already sold more than 75,000 tickets. Of these, approximately 68,000 contribute to the count of paid attendance, generating an impressive sum of around $8.6 million in sales.

If we were to freeze the figures at this very moment, All In would already be recognized as the seventh-largest wrestling event in history. And remember, we still have nearly two months left to boost these numbers, even without the benefit of any announced matches or official appearances.

AEW Eyes WrestleMania Attendance Record

Looking at the record books, to surpass the total attendance record of WrestleMania 32, AEW needs to sell roughly an additional 6,000 tickets. Given the meteoric rise of this four-year-old wrestling promotion, achieving such a feat does not seem outside the realm of possibility.

However, Meltzer cautiously notes that reaching the record for paid attendance, currently standing at a lofty 79,800 people, might be a bridge too far for the company. Notably, All In represents AEW's inaugural event outside North American shores.

This show is attracting wrestling enthusiasts from all corners of Europe, all eager to be part of the company's debut on their continent. AEW President Tony Khan, back in May, stated that details regarding broadcasting options for the fans back home were still being worked out.

It's worth noting that h*t on the heels of this colossal event in London, AEW is planning its annual All Out pay-per-view in Chicago, Illinois. Thus, the closing days of summer promise to be a whirlwind of excitement for wrestling fans across the globe.