Ross on AEW Wrestlers Not Listening to Him

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Ross on AEW Wrestlers Not Listening to Him

Jim Ross was on the Busted Open Radio to talk about his role in All Elite Wrestling. Jim Ross has spent the best parts of his career in the WWE. He is regarded as one of the best professional wrestling commentators of all time.

He has called some of the best professional wrestling matches of all time. He will be the Senior Advisor at AEW. He joined the AEW because the offer that they gave him was the best of his career according to various reports.

At the podcast, he spoke about the possibility of AEW wrestlers not listening to him. He will be working with people that will be half his age, so they probably might refuse to listen to him. "They might not. I'm not saying if they are.

I can prove my point to be right. I can help them improve their matches psychologically, if they want to incorporate selling at some point in their life, and staying from the eye rolling bull s**t. I know that there is a lot of charismatic guys who have their comedy bits, but don't have comedy from bell to bell," said Ross.

Jim Ross is a WWE Hall of Famer. He left the WWE this year and will be part of AEW’s commentary team. AEW is a brand new wrestling promotion that my compete with the WWE at some point, according to a few reports.