AEW Ex-Star Nervous Tread: Walking on Eggshells


AEW Ex-Star Nervous Tread: Walking on Eggshells
AEW Ex-Star Nervous Tread: Walking on Eggshells

Former AEW star Alan Angels recently shared his perspective on his time with the company, shedding light on the difference he feels now that he's a part of Impact Wrestling. Angels, who joined AEW during the pandemic in spring 2020 and gained recognition as 5 in The Dark Order, remained with the company until his contract expired in the summer of 2022.

Since then, he has joined Impact Wrestling, aligning himself with another faction called The Design. During an appearance on Busted Open, Angels opened up about his experience as a member of the Impact Wrestling roster, subtly implying a contrast between his time with AEW and his current situation: "In Impact Wrestling, I don't feel like I'm constantly walking on eggshells.

Everyone there is incredibly inviting and welcoming, and I genuinely enjoy the camaraderie."

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Bully Ray, the host, seized the opportunity to delve deeper into Angels' statement, questioning whether he felt the need to tread carefully while on the AEW roster.

Angels acknowledged that while the phrase "walking on eggshells" may sound more severe than the reality, he did acknowledge the competitive nature of the industry. At AEW, he found himself consciously trying not to upset anyone or rub the wrong person the wrong way: "I think it's just the nature of the competitive industry as a whole.

You have to be cautious at AEW, and you don't want to upset anybody or get on the wrong side of someone." However, Angels noted that since joining Impact Wrestling, he hasn't felt that constant pressure as much. While he certainly doesn't have the intention to provoke any conflicts or upset anyone, he doesn't carry the same level of worry in the back of his mind anymore.

In related news, Angels' former group, The Dark Order, recently celebrated a significant victory on Rampage. Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver emerged triumphant against Hangman Adam Page and The Young Bucks of The Elite.

Alan Angels' shift to Impact Wrestling has provided him with a more relaxed environment, where he can focus on his performance without constantly feeling the need to be cautious. The change in atmosphere seems to have brought a renewed sense of enjoyment and camaraderie to his professional wrestling journey.